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Today I will paint cosmic vortices, flaming sands, blazing red and violet sunsets!

I want my worlds to shout the joy of the creation, the viewers obliged to close their eyes, dazzled by the light of the canvas. Only the perfume of the flowers of the universe confuses the senses for a moment of infinity.

In those,
Like you,
Who have understood.

Ottavio Fabbri

About Ottavio Fabbri

"The cosmic worlds of Fabbri's paintings are not idylls, but should rather be defined as wild, untamed, heroic" Gerhard Kolberg - Former Director of Modern Art of Museum Ludwig in Cologne

Contemporary Italian artist Ottavio Fabbri is a visionary, painter, sculptor, director and conceptual artist. Hailing from an artistic heritage, his father was the founder of the famous Fratelli Fabbri Editori publishing house and his mother a painter and art dealer. By the age of five, he had already revealed an extraordinary talent as an art critic due to his exceptional ability to identify genuine paintings.

Known as the 'star maker', Fabbri transmits his passion, understanding and interpretations of the night sky through his intricately detailed paintings. Indeed, his work is so evocative that the European Space Agency has bestowed upon him the esteem of a lifetime sponsorship. Fabbri's entire work draws on what he strongly believes are the powerful life force 'strings' that connect the universe, and this hugely influences all his projects. His work manifests itself through many creative forms; from representations of the pyramids to astounding light installations.

Exhibited internationally, Fabbri's art work has been admired by art critics such as Federico Zeri and Achille Bonito Oliva. The astronaut Buzz Aldrin, of the first mission to the moon Apollo 11 (1969), said "I have already seen Fabbri's paintings in space" and added "Ottavio Fabbri is a man and artist of the Italian Renaissance. The new Renaissance, the cosmic One".

Fabbri has attained many personal achievements, including receiving the House Order (Order of Grimaldi) for his contribution to the arts of the Principality of Monaco with distinction in 2014, and being a Minister for Plenipotentiary for the Republic of San Marino, advising on arts and culture since 2009.

In Motion

Click the video below to explore Ottavio Fabbri's paintings in motion

History of Works

"Colours burn with the intensity of symbols, with the aggressivity of an explosive microcosm" Federico Zeri – Art Historian

"It is as if Fabbri has always been painting" Achille Bonito Oliva - Contemporary Art Critic

Recent Paintings

"We should allow ourselves to be carried away, with a touch of fatalism, in this progression: giants of matter that are laid out like mountains next to thin and receding lines disintegrated by a silent explosion. Spirits that speak on our behalf" Vittoria Coen – Former Artist Director of Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Trento


"A committed visionary, he is one of those men who dream great dreams, and who then realize them" Mario Gerosa - Architectural Digest Editor (Italy)


"I have already seen Fabbri's painting in space" Buzz Aldrin – Apollo 11, 1st Lunar Mission 1969

Prominent Exhibitions

All Exhibitions

1992 Galerie du Rocher - Monte Carlo, Monaco | 1993 Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Bra - Bra, Italy | 1994 La Petite Galerie - Brussels, Amsterdam (presentation by contemporary art critic Achille Bonito Oliva) | 1995 'Ottavio Fabbri - Landscape' at the Scuderie Palazzo Ruspoli, Rome, Italy (catalogue by world-renowned art historian Federico Zeri) | 1996 Artistic Cultural Circle of Bologna - Bologna, Italy (catalogue curated by Vittoria Coen Director of the Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea of Trento and coordinator of Venice Biennale 1993) | 1995 Barnabò Gallery - Venice, Italy | 1995 'Landscapes' at the Galleria David Halevim - Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy | 1997 Italian German Cultural Circle - Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany (presented by Gerhard Kolberg museum curator) | 1997 to 1998 'L'orizzonte degli Eventi' at the David Halevim Gallery - Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy | 1997 Banque du Gothard - Monte Carlo, Monaco | 1998 to 1999 Galerie du Roccabella - Monte Carlo, Monaco | 2001 Artocratia – Zurich, Switerzland | 2005 to 2006 Monte Carlo Art Gallery - Milan, Italy | 2007 to 2008 Monte Carlo Art Gallery - Monte Carlo, Monaco and Milan, Italy | 2008 'Ottavio Fabbri – Pyramid of Peace and Light' at the Monogramma Gallery - Rome, Italy | 2010 'Roma the Road to Contemporary Art' at the AMT Gallery - Milan, Italy | 2011 'Pyramid of Peace and Light' at the 54th Biennale di Venezia, Republic of San Marino | 2012 'Pyramid of Peace and Light' at the Accademia D'Egitto, Rome, Italy | 2014 'Man of Stars' organised by the Lions Club of Padua, Italy


2016 Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain


Contact & Commissions

For private viewings, sales, commissions and PR please contact Emma-Louise O'Neill who will be delighted to assist you. / +44 (0) 7515 136909

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